Topiary Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting

Posted: 10/19/2012

Colder weather means cravings for sweets. Emily from So Domesticated came up with a great recipe that is perfect for entertaining or just yourself. Try this recipe with our Crave Brothers Mascarpone and you'll be sure to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Topiary Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting
By: Emily of So Domesticated


1) Bake some regular and mini cupcakes.
2) Make Mascarpone Frosting and use to frost cupcakes (Recipe Below).
3) Cut bamboo skewers down to four inches or use lollipop sticks and tie a pretty bow on them.
4) Place the flat end of the skewer into the regular cupcake all the way down and then place the mini cupcake on the pointy end, about half way through.

Mascarpone Frosting


1lb Powdered Sugar, Sifted
8 oz. Mascarpone Cheese
5 Tablespoons of Butter, Softened
1/2 Teaspoons of Pure Vanilla Extract
1/4 Cups of Milk


Cream the mascarpone and butter for a few seconds, until blended. Add the vanilla and mix. Next, alternately add the powdered sugar and milk. Mix until all the ingredients are combined. Store frosted cupcakes in the refrigerator. Frosts 24 regular cupcakes. 

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