Hot Gifts to Snag for Dads, Grads and Anyone Else on Your Shopping List: FOOD!


June 13, 2013 | Author Stevie Wilson

I don't know about you but when you don't know what to get someone, there are a few categories that always seem to work: food, music, DVDs and spirits.

This post is about artisanal foods and we are kicking it off with artisanal cheeses from CRAVE Cheese based in Wisconsin and pairing it with products from Robert Lambert Artisanal foods.

Crave Cheese features a range of cheeses from Marscarpone and Les Frères® French-style cheese are all natural choices to complement the flavor of summer favorites. Recipes from Crave Brothers Cheese bring out the best of whatever seasonal ingredients and tasty recipes can be found on their website. Les Frères® Pizza with fresh asparagus and mushrooms, Spinach and Artichoke Mashed Potatoes, and Mascarpone-Filled Strawberries are just a few of the summery ideas you'll find on the Crave Brothers website at

A perfect partnership is this delish mascarpone blueberry cheesecake from Robert Lambert Artisanal Brand.
The Crave Marsacaponee would be the ideal ingredient for this recipe!

It's the perfect pairing of blueberries into a sinfully rich marscapone cheesecake.

Also for a different way of showing off the CRAVE Cheese you could give Dad, Newlyweds or for summer birthdays or parties, is a cheese tray. Here's Robert Lambert discussing what he pairs things with, but you could substitute other cheeses from Crave and pair it with Fig Jam or the 3 Citrus Marmalade.

Also if you are looking for a fun treat to pair up with perhaps chocolate sauce or Hot Caramel Ginger Sauce from Robert Lambert Artisanal foods, here's what you need to try: PLUSH PUFFS are the item you need- -in a variety of flavors. These high-quality all-natural, deliciously flavored marshmallows come in creative flavors and even special artisanal limited edition flavors like maple bacon. (wow!) Partner these babies up with something from Lambert and maybe some marscapone and you have yourself one hell of a dessert (and sugar) fest!

I will have more on CRAVE Cheese for a separate review. Stay tuned but don't wait on the Crave. It's shipped quickly and you could have this for Father's Day or any celebration very quickly!!

Stevie Wilson,

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